Metal MFG. Stainless Chimney "The Tomahawk Boss"

The Tomahawk Boss!

This has had multiple (10+) design revisions, and to be honest - we have had to digest some steak during testing. We've had the meat sweats big time. All for the love of BBQ

These are to be used with quality lump charcoal. If you use briquettes or associate with those that do; we will ask you kindly, yet firmly to leave. We didn't take the time to perfect the stoichiometry of these weapons, to have them choke on sand and clag glue.

These are made of either 304 or 316 Stainless steel, whatever we have an abundance of the time of manufacture, or where there is room between other parts on a nest. The grill is Mild Steel as preferred by chefs. Oil it after use with canola oil, or it will rust. 

We use quality 1/4" Profast Orlock rivets that are over $1.20each.  

Now, we have had those in the know comment that these are nearly twice as big as a common chimney. They are; indeed! After having the handle fall off my personal Bunnings special and drop pi$$ing hot coals everywhere, I decided we could do better. I run a big Joe Kamado, and this volume suits them fine. It also fits 4 scotch fillets at once or 12 kebabs.

Secondly, the distance between the steak and charcoal is critical, the height has been perfected. Add charcoal sparingly for steak cooks, you can keep adding until the heat is appropriate. Half-filling this like some sort of hero will cremate your meat.  

These have been tested hard.
We are proud of these units and the steaks they produce.


The following I've had to add because about 10% of folk are difficult customers.

I'm over dealing with them. If you are one, the 'X' to exit can be found at the top right-hand corner.

Now it's a sheetmetal BBQ. It has a fire inside it that can easily reach beyond the limit of the steel softening point. OUTSIDE OF OUR CONTROL. We are not a steel mill, so how do I know if it has internal stresses? If your mates have too many beers and warp it by filling it to the brim with logs, and getting a 18v blower on it like a forge from the modern era.... Or put it out with a garden hose. Too bad, so sad. We will not send you another. Threaten to bag us online. Throw a tantrum on the floor at Coles. Dob on the teacher.... Whatever rather call your mum for a cuddle; she will make it all better -We won't. No BBQ.

I have better things to do than add your text on the side, and then milk it through production while you chase me by phone, email and walk-ins daily. If you order 10 at once, via email, we will consider it, and it will take a month, probably longer. You will not get a discount for 10 as these are already batch-produced (by the 100's), and artwork will be additional.

These are built in slack-time and are in stock. These have our branding on them and are priced accordingly. We will not offer a plain version, so don't ask.  

If you are a BBQ Chain, we'll gladly add your branding. 

The warranty covers workmanship prior to use only and expires 30 days from sale.

Shipping damage must be advised within 3 days of receipt. 

We are not Amazon, you will not get it tomorrow.

Usually, they take about a week or so.

We've tested 10+ versions, photos look right, but I apologise if a variation is included with them.

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