White Rhino Project

White Rhino 'Base Camp'

Imagine seeing for the first time - a beast that is truly next level. A manifestation of class leading computer wizardry and elemental needs. A thing of beauty. A thing of purpose.

Never before has such an aesthetically complex, integrated design been produced anywhere globally, in the motor-home world. The White Rhino has taken the traditional, antiquated nautical approach to fiberglass and thrown it out.

Furthermore, we committed our design to one chassis, and one chassis only. A project of this magnitude, is not about one size fits all approach. This is about producing a body indistinguishable from OEM design, perfectly matched to the Iveco Daily 4x4. By heavily investing in CAM based manufacturing, we can produce organically shaped, exacting moulds as needed. No bits of mdf and car bog here. No stretch this, or shut that.

Instead, we used the same 3D surfacing technology typically embraced by car manufacturers to design and develop our ideas. With substantial engineering support provided by OEM Iveco as a starting point, we further invested well over two thousand hours in CAD design alone. This seat time, by two professional mechanical engineers has enabled us to take the dream to the reality.

We have made significant upgrades to our facility, to enable us to manage and undertake the entire process in house. From the concept, to the tangible manufacture of the patterns and moulds on the latest CAM equipment. We support Australian manufacturing, and as such have performed the mould work right here on the Sunshine Coast. 

EVA's White Rhino is the culmination of over two years of relentless design and development. We have come up with something fresh, something bold and something to desire....

The motorhome has traditionally been a desperate attempt to embody one's house on the road. We see this as a boring approach, so we went ahead and added a few cheeky shots of fun. In the same vein as buying the latest dirt bike, or side by side and tearing up your favourite track - we want the White Rhino to be exciting. Built with intent. Bold. Refreshing. A place where true emotion and pride of ownership meets substantial purpose based engineering, and design.

The initial design brief was simple, and certainly crude. "I want people to swerve out of their lane when they see this thing coming the other way. They need to think what the F. was that".  

Beall, J. (2016) How to build a White Rhino. 2nd edn. Queensland. EVA Office, Later Factory.

What will be even more obvious, is our new approach to the ordering process. With extensive review and consultation with a number of customers, we have developed three spec levels. Rather than offer an option list, that increases build variation and complexity, we will offer 3 levels with options already added at reduced cost. No one will miss out on having their say, and we are not going to go all Henry Ford on you. But we are saying that as labour is the highest single cost in producing the vehicle, it is far easier (and therefore cheaper) to include more accessories and keep the builds consistent than it is to change. So we will have a win / win situation. We build quicker and you the customer gets more.

A few sneaky secrets to whet the appetite;

  • A sink you can actually shave in (Like a gentleman).
  • Optional Queen sized bed (On 3400mm standard wheelbase)
  • Optional 6th spare (That's right, you all asked for it so we're doing it)
  • Clean sides with a door and 2 hatches only. 
  • Large 1100x450 Seitz windows
  • Two options of hinge positions on all doors / hatches
  • Custom manufactured walk through accordion rubber, hidden from the outside. (No sleepercab look here).
  • X brace free pop top, 750mm high.
  • Lithium batteries as standard.
  • Diesel and or induction cooktop
  • EVAlite Kitchen, lightest in the industry. Built entirely in house.
  • ADR approved rear seats.
  • Canvas poptop sock (no bug attracting lantern like vinyl here).
  • Waterproof roof actuators, with manual redundancy.
  • King Race Shocks, and EVA sway bars on all trim levels. (no exceptions)
  • Touch pad digital switching on levels 2 and 3.
  • Coffee machine standard on all trim levels.

We also have a significant number of industry firsts added to this project, all with the aim of raising the bar. #EVANEXTLEVEL These especially juicy details we will save for now....Ok maybe one...Dual (two seperate) dust seals on ALL apertures.

Coming soon to EVA, our new expedition truck - the White Rhino.

A place where our motto 'One Life, One Chance' is obvious from the first glance. 

Expected release for outer shell July 2018.


We have taken a deposit for the first vehicle, for November delivery.

EVA has applied a staggered discount structure available for the first 3 units only. One has been sold, so two are remaining with the heavy discount! This is due to the first units taking longer to produce. 


Discount ends 30/06/1.

Arrange a meeting, have a coffee. We will lead you on a CAD walk-through, and just maybe ..let a few sneaky squirrels out of the cage. 

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