White Rhino Base Camp

We are coming to the end of our time with Iveco, so I suggest those sitting on the fence get their orders in. Due to Covid-19, and AUS/US exchange rates, increasing our prices has become necessary. We will make an effort to keep web pricing current.

Please note that the level of fit and finish is what we pride ourselves on. Have a look at all others closely, then have a look at ours. We choose to charge more and offer a higher quality, better performing product - rather than batch manufacture to keep costs down. 

We are massively disappointed to have finally viewed the 2020 IFS Iveco. As such we are desperate to secure one of the few remaining, current solid axle MY14 chassis for our customers. As little as 1k will secure your truck while we develop the detailed spec with you. However, when the current trucks are gone, EVA will be moving away from Iveco. Our suggestion is to secure a chassis for a 100K deposit, and have your build number secured. EVA will not be working on the IFS chassis no matter ho 'good' others think it is.

Obviously we will still support the solid axle versions, and maintain our inventory for motorhome or build customers.


Rather than offer a basic version and complicate our builds which adds cost, we have decided to start with a very high level base, at the right price.


White Rhino 'Basecamp'.


EVA standard features include;


  • Solid axle MY14 Iveco Daily 4x4, dual suspension seats, 5500kg.
  • BHSS front and rear brake upgrade, including master cylinder, vented front discs / upgraded pads, and larger rear pistons.
  • 6 x EVA Steel wheels 2100kg and Gladiator 37x13.5 tyres 131Q 1950kg (choice of mud or all terrain Pattern)
  • Spare mounted under the truck. 2nd spare to rear.
  • 110LT Aluminised-steel sub-fuel tank, with transfer pump, lockable stainless steel filler. This is in addition to the 90lt Factory unit.
  • 212lt Polymer water tank resists fatigue cracking as stainless or aluminium can. Includes lockable stainless filler, and pumped outlet to chassis.
  • Diff and transfer case breathers (gearbox is already high). We use Italian fittings and push fit hose - not Ebay rubbish.
  • Snorkel (Travel Trucks)


  • Ionnic reverse camera as rear vision mirror, additional towbar camera included.
  • GME TX3350 and AE4018K3 Rugged & AE002 Low gain UHF
  • Phone cradle by strike, otterbox case (suits your current phone) and external antenna for a boosted signal.
  • Alpine X902D Iveco factory fit 9" screen with Hema navigation.


  • 640W Victron solar, Victron 100/50 MPPT (Enerdrive redundancy)
  • 2 x 40A Enerdrive charge from alternator (double redundancy)
  • Victron 2000w inverter
  • Simarine tank monitoring with 8 stage tank programming, includes volts/amps and barometer
  • 300Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Sentry Battery (2nd battery optional), mounted under the floor at the rear.
  • Blueseas fuse panels and holders, no corners cut on wire gauges.
  • Stedi LED Reverse lights installed to the module, switchable from reverse selection or on switch for camp set up.
  • Stedi Side perimeter lights
  • Air compressor ARB Dual piston unit. 20-40psi in 01:30s on a 37" tyre

 Chassis Accessories;

  • EVA 2.5" King Race Shocks coil-over suspension upgraded front and rear, with remote reservoir and matched valving.
  • Progressive bump stops fitted to the front (Airbag Man).
  • EVA swaybars, 100% stiffer to improve cornering while maintaining full cross-axle articulation.
  • ECB Bullbar, matched to a Sherpa 17,000lb winch (25,000lb optional), fully installed including isolator and wiring.


Quality, first in industry CAD designed and CNC manufactured plugs / moulds / tooling developed in-house. 2000hrs of CAD time alone, this is a special unit. We hand-lay the body to maximise strength and reduce weight. The composite lay-up is engineered and uses hydrolysis free PVC foam rather than the industry norm of polyurethane. The roof is shaped like a tap-measure for stiffness as generally, roof sag is a major issue in fiberglass units.

  • Canvas Sock for improved wear over vinyl, seals better from rain as the stitching holes swell and it does not act as a lantern at night - attracting bugs. This is easily removable and able to be installed by the customer without tools. Dual zips at the front allow for roof rack access
  • LED tail lights match 'edgy' theme, side-scrolling for indicator flash.
  • EVA offer the Largest walk-through in the industry, sealed with USA manufactured accordion rubber.
  • Our sub chassis is manufactured in lightweight aluminium, and 3 point mounted for absolutely neutral loading. No springs to overcome, and exclusive to EVA.
  • Security screen by Crimsafe, installed to TIG welded alloy frame.
  • EVA ALULITE kitchen made in-house for exacting fit and purpose. Designed in Solidworks for perfect performance. Sealed bearings to slides, for 80% drawer extension. European made slides, no gritty multi-ball races here! Four massive 500x5550x180mm powdercoated aluminium drawers, and one 500x550x100mm slim top cutlery drawer. Induction cooktop by Ecopot. (Webasto diesel a reluctant option).
  • Cafe 'booth' seats for dining, with fibreglass moulded EVA table. Cultured gel coat matches the kitchen. The table is fitted to Lagun table mount. Seat backs fold down for Rifle storage.
  • Like a yacht, the internal shower is built inside module by an experienced shipwright, leak-proof and light-weight. Being glassed on is structurally superior, and significantly lighter to glued in mouldings, as the shower becomes a bulkhead supporting the external walls. Keeping the walls stiff improves roof sealing.
  • Latest generation C223 Thetford cassette toilet, modified rear surround for more room in the shower.
  • Quality hand shower head by BLA, plumbing installed with John Guest fittings.
  • A lid is installed over the shower to increase the kitchens bench space.
  • Massive kitchen space in EVA units, no narrow toy-like work-spaces famous in RV's;
    • Drivers side bench is; 1600x660mm
    • Passenger side; 800x660mm
  • Quality sitz stainless sink with fold down lid ensures plenty of room for two in the kitchen. Sink is large enough for the largest pots.
  • Outside shower by bullfinch, EVA imports these from the UK.
  • Fully integrated grey water tank glassed into the  module making use of the otherwise redundant space under floor 50L approx. volume, with Simarine gauge.
  • US made Glow step revolution, imported by EVA, with 'landing feet' for adjustment and tread squaring.
  • 240v wiring includes 3 x double receptacle, double pole GPOs, 2 RCD/MCB's
  • 240v Inlet, 15A for 80A battery charging from shore power.
  • High end and stylish LED roof lights feature touch-sensitive brightness control with last setting memory.
  • Sirocco fans x 2 installed.
  • Webasto water and air heater. Air heater for short duration use due to being very powerful. 
  • Webasto EL130 door fridge, Inox stainless. (All other quality fridges an option at our discretion)
  • TV / DVD combo supplied with the antenna installed to the roof.
  • Webasto supplied, Fresco 12v truck-style anti-idle air conditioner, for solar powered or battery use.
  • Best in class LA36 Linak roof actuators, with current overload and pulse count feedback control. Units have redundancy by Allen key should they fail.
  • Roof is 'X' Brace free for better viability, and because even the best 'X' braces are typical RV poor quality.
  • Dual roof - mount awnings (one Drivers side, one passenger side.) Tule 3000mm, with mounts fitted to the roof inside body-line, protecting them from trees.
  • Awning lights installed to both sides of the module with a yellow light option for bug-free use.
  • Solar protection rail stiffens up the roof for sag-free service life.
  • Two MSA 4x4 drawers under the bed, lockable and industry-leading, they feature a strip light down one side. (under bed Engel an option)
  • Lower section is Raptor coated to ensure a long life. (Raptor coating entire truck and module inc. a colour change is an option.
  • 1100x450 sitz double glazed windows.

 Rear hatch;

  • Cig sockets (one cig and on dual USB) installed to both sides.
  • Privacy curtain to block cab from motorhome, or partition bed for improved A/C. Quality Canvas
  • Hatch lights dual colour (white and bug-free yellow) 


  • Maxtrax or Treds (customer choice)
  • Winch utility kit by Outback Armour
  • Outback Armour recovery point if towbar option has been selected.
  • Sand flag for Simpson Desert crossings.


Base Camp Options;

  • Sherpa cordless remote for winches.
  • Rear Sherpa 4x4 17,000lb winch and cradle.
  • Seat Swivel for the passenger seat
  • ADR approved rear seats
  • 2nd Spare to rear on fold down bracket
  • 2nd 300ah LiPO4 Battery
  • Tow bar 3500kg/350kg with towball, optional adjustable height
  • Pump from stream to enable extended showers or washing from available water.
  • Webasto diesel stove (we prefer induction)
  • Stedi Lightbar 52" with Roof rack made in house from CNC folded aluminium.
  • Passport safe installed
  • External Solar plug into the Enerdrive charger- great for solar blankets.
  • Front-loader washing machine 2kg Daewoo.
  • Window tint to truck






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