Thule 5200 12V 3.0m Mystic Grey, white

Awning, 12V, wall mount, 3.02x2.5m, #301080 

SKU 01902300180312

  • Best integrated on the vehicle sides
  • Sturdy spring arms with patented tension arms (Standard inclusion for 5200 over 4.02m) ensure a perfectly tensioned awning fabric and increase the wind-resistance
  • Projection up to 2.50m to increase space, protecting you from the elements
  • Vertically lowering system to unfold support legs without danger of damaging the vehicle
  • User-friendly Quick Lock system for easy setting and adjustment of the support legs
  • By setting the angle as you please, the awning can be opened and closed even when the sliding door of your van is open
  • The unique Thule cassette adjustment system means perfect closing of the awning even after years of usage
  • Front profile with a drainage system to dispose of water and waste, which makes it easy to clean
  • A motor can be easily retrofit installed afterwards on a manual Thule Omnistor 5200 awning
  • Available in different lengths, box and fabric colours

Mounting Brackets
This awning comes with standard flat mounting brackets, you can purchase different styles of brackets.

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