EVA Stainless / Corten Steel Fire Pit

Please note, there is a 1-2 week wait on these. They are built in batches.

Custom artwork by agreement only, ten unit minimum. No Exceptions.

We present Australia's best flat-pack firepit.

The Grill is manufactured from marine grade 316 Stainless steel. Yes, it's the dearest raw material, but it has unquestionably the best properties for the intended use. 

To save cost, and still offer a solution priced for the average weekend warrior, we have made the Body out of Bluescope corten steel. This is a self-preserving steel used in outdoor weathering applications. It's Redcor by Bluescope.

Made in-house on our CNC Fiber laser, and folded on our 7 Axis Belgin press brakes these are built to a tolerance others can only dream of. We put the extra folds in, we haven't cut corners. Accountants don't run EVA. 

These are priced VERY competitively considering what 316 stainless and Corten costs, so we encourage you to do your own research, to ensure you share our confidence.

If you want cheap imported crap, we're sorry to disappoint.

If you want to make your mates green with envy, click the button. Spoil yourself.

Ashtray complies with the requirements set by the majority of campsites Nationally.

4mm 316 2B Grill, 50% Grill / 50% Plate

3mm Bluescope Corten steel body

1.2mm Bluescope Galvanised Ashtray.

Assembled dimensions;

600mm Long, 456mm Wide (600mm with Grill attached), 283mm Tall

Flat Pack dimensions:

600mm Long, 456 Wide, 30mm Tall.

Weight 20kg Net.


  • Standard includes the 50%/50% Grill (1 Grill)
  • Standard Above + 100% Mesh Grill (no solid) (2 Grills)
  • Standard Above + 100% Solid Plate (no mesh) (2 Grills)
  • Standard Above + 100% Mesh + 100% Solid (3 grills)

We can do custom artwork for orders of 10 units or more, a volume discount will also apply. What a staff Christmas present this would mate. We can handle any volume, so large retailers feel free to make contact.

Please note, that we cannot do one-off logo designs as the CAD time, and milking it through programming, nesting, cutting, deburring, folding etc. is excessive.
Unless it's a 10 order, it's not custom. Period.

 29/04/22 Fresh batch in stock and ready to ship 4 left!

*Please note, photos with fire are the Corten steel version.

Please note, the grills and stainless units are supplied with a protective film on one side. Please remove before using. It will not 'burn off' and will ruin your new pit if left on. Any glue residue will come off with mineral turps.

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