About Us

We care less about how much money we make and more about what we end up making.

We are emboldened by challenges. We are problem solvers who want to find an effective solution, without fear that it isn’t the most efficient. 

Founded in 2013, Expedition Vehicles Australia has established itself as one of the country's leading expedition vehicle manufacturers. With regular exports to all parts of the world, EVA is has gained traction in the international space as well.

Although we started primarily as an accessory company, this emphasis has changed over the years, and we now see ourselves fundamentally, as builders of turnkey expedition vehicles.

Our production facility is one of the most highly equipped in Australia, and we proudly make everything possible on-site.

We offer;

  • CNC Laser cutting of tube to 220mm square
  • CNC laser of plate to 3.0m x 1.5m on exchange table
  • CNC folding of sheet metal parts to 3m in length on multiple pressbrakes
  • Pulse Mig and Tig welding
  • Extensive 3D Design using Solidworks


When you buy from EVA you support Australian families.

The rules for quality are simple.

  • EVA employs a 'Qualified Only' policy to staff procurement, and selects specialists in each area to deliver a synergistic outcome.
  • We don't use school children to build vehicles.
  • We manufacture highly complex products in house where possible, and if required, choose products from reputable suppliers. We only allow 'expedition rated' products to cross our threshold so you can rely on us in the bush.


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