This product has been discontinued. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the moulds to produce your own vehicles. We can ship them globally.


We have come to the end of our time with IXXXo.


Please note that the level of fit and finish is what we pride ourselves on. Have a look at all others closely, then have a look at ours. We choose to charge more and offer a higher quality, better performing product - rather than batch manufacture to keep costs down. 

Please note that our vehicles are supplied ready to travel, with typical accessory inclusions already added. Our prices represent exceptional value when compared to our competitors. We feel it is more honest to price everything up-front, rather than have a cheap base price, only to then add...+$,+$,+$.....


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"These guys are passionate about building the best expedition vehicles. From the design, engineering and use of the best materials they don’t cut corners. Always looking at ways of improving". David - Owner of White Rhino #001


EVA is proudly Australia's only manufacturer to complete the entire build in house. From Solidworks design, mould manufacture, composite lay-up, alloy and steel fabrication, CNC sheet metal, upholstery etc. All under our roof. All using highly experienced qualified staff.

EVA is an Australian owned business, employing Australian Staff, supporting Australian Families. 

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