EVA takes our skills learnt from producing world class touring IXXXs, and moves over to Fuso....

The Cons:

The more highly strung 3.0lt Italian (IXXXo) Sofim F1C motor, in our opinion is not as reliable as the Japanase Isuzu. The overall and interior quality also reflects the lower price point. Not to be confused with Fuso's past, they were stuff of legends. 

The Pros:

That said, it is cheaper, and we will help you out if you are in the market for one of these. We won't judge!

Due to the smaller motor, they are lighter and therefore have a slightly higher carrying capacity.

The Global network is larger and aids with international travel.


Built from mild to wild, from a cab chassis through to the meanest touring truck to grace the Australian outback, we have got you covered. Substantial discounts to those who commit now, call it the Covid discount.

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