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Ideal for 4x4 recoveries where a tree is not within reach.

Don't get stuck without one!

  • Includes carry bag and shackle.

Now produced in heavy duty, galvanised steel!

  • Ideal for vehicle recovery when there are no other convenient anchor points or trees.
  • Use in sand, mud, soil and gravel.
  • Angled blade gives the anchor a self digging action when pressure is applied
  • Use with rope or cable winches
  • Packs away for easy storage
  • Steel construction
  • Heavy duty pins

Winch Anchor Instructions:

Step 1:
Remove the R pin from the handle.

Step 2:
Now fold down the anchor wings.

Step 3:
Unthread the bow shackle pin and remove.

4WD Winch Anchor Accessories

Step 4:
Remove the handle from the anchor.

Step 5:
With the wings in the open position slide the shank forward.

Step 6:
Reinstall the bow shackle.

Step 7:
Attach the hand to the operating position and secure in place with the R pin.

Step 8:
Attach the winch hook to the bow shackle.

Ground Mud Sand Winch Anchor Australia

You are now ready to recover your vehicle!

Packing up the ground anchor is the opposite of assembly.

Safety Pointers:

  • Always exercise precaution as high tensile loads are in play.
  • Always use winch dampeners.
  • Do Not exceed the load rating of the anchor.
  • Do Not stand between the anchor and the vehicle when winching.
  • Always check the winch anchor for signs of stress, fatigue or damage before use.
Winch Anchor
Model: SGA01
Load Capacity
Blade Dimensions 50cm (L) x 60cm (W)
Weight 16kg
Includes U-shackle, Sherpa offroad carry bag rated to 100+kg
Warranty 3 Years


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