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Water Tank 2009 and 2014 212 Lt

EVA has developed our own water tank for the Iveco Daily 4x4 single and dual cabs.


In brief;

  • 212 Litres that fits above rear diff and between chassis.
  • Food grade one piece rotomoulded polyethylene
  • 10mm thick / 35kg
  • No modifications or bracket removal required
  • Uses only factory bolt holes


Made from food grade polyethylene, and weighing in at nearly 35kg, these are extremely heavy duty.


These can be modified and moulded from a different grade to carry diesel should this be required.

This tank fits both models of Daily 4x4. 

Does not fot with factory tray mounts - as you should not be using them!


hrough an extended design and development process that commenced mid 2014, we have been able to optimise the holding capacity of our tanks.

We are proud to have squeezed 212 litres of actual water storage from the typically unused area below the upper edge of the rear chassis line.

More importantly, our tanks require no modifications whatsoever to the vehicle, with rebates for all factory bolts, brackets and protrusions.

Our design importantly has no interference with the rear differential, brake / diff lock lines, rear sway bar, brake proportioning valve, etc. allowing the diff to cycle completely without damage or wear to either the tank or lines.



We engaged the mould manufacturer directly, as we have worked with them for over ten years now - and their work is simply fantastic.


Please note, this tank has been developed to work with all EVA vehicles and body / accessory variants. Our tank will not fit with the standard Iveco tray mounts.

We feel the standard mounting system is not suitable for off road applications, so we have chosen not to compromise our design to allow it.

When designing trays or mounts, please contact EVA for guidance if you intend to use our tank.


We have a test fit tank available for short term customer testing / fabrication. This means there will be no weld spatter on your new tank, once your tray / body fabrication is complete!


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