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EVA is now the largest supplier of Iveco 4x4 wheels in the country, with many thousand units sold. These are proudly used by Mines, Energy supply companies, Government, Australia's largest bodybuilders and the recreation sector. 10kg lighter than their nearest rival, the secret is in the engineering for an impressive 2100kg load rating. Tested to the required National standard.

D Shaped holes for massive brake cooling, and perfected offset to ensure the scrub radius is optimum. These will make a massive difference to your ride quality. Lighter wheels ensure the best possible service from wheel and swivel hub bearings, as well as reducing un-sprung weight for improved wheel control.

Wheel size is 17x9" stud pattern/centre bore/offset to suit Daily 4x4 2009+



In line with other off-road specific wheels, our warranty is one year when used in off-road applications. Off-road scenarios can put an extensive load on wheels, and as such, they are a wear item just like tyres or shock absorbers. Wheels can be destroyed in an instant by poor driving practice, such as hitting washouts, 'G' outs etc. Similarly, their working life can be drastically reduced by driving on corrugations at high tare weights. No warranty applies for truck weights over 5500kg, or corner weights over 1525kg. Furthermore, no warranty applies if the vehicle presents poorly and has visible signs of significant abuse. No warranty applies whatsoever to Mine applications, Drill rigs, Farm use etc. Our steel wheels are marked and tested to 2100kg however, this is to ensure a good service life. This is the also case with all OEM manufacturers.

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