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Plug n Play. Wireless receiver uses the same port as the Sherpa wired hand remote. Allows the user to move freely with the winch rope or cable. Great for winch recoveries when caught by yourself. No need to run the wired control cables back into the cabin.

  • the ultimate in reliability, store the receiver and remote inside your vehicle! We've tried many models of inbuilt wireless remotes and all fail when submerged in water.
  • can be retrofitted to any Sherpa 4x4 winch.
  • plugs directly into the 4 pin port on your Sherpa 4x4 control box.
  • requires no batteries as it utilises the wired hand controller power supply when connected. 
  • works on 12V or 24V winches, as well as 9,000Lb, 12,000Lb, 17,000Lb & 25,000Lb models. Also compatible with the Sherpa boat winches.
  • weatherproof, Shock-Resistant housing.

Note - Sherpa only supply these wireless remote kits to customers purchasing a new Sherpa winch or to customers who have already purchased a Sherpa winch and wish to retrofit the unit. The wireless remote kit will not work with other brands such as Warn winches.

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