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The Sherpa 4x4 winch dampener or winch blanket is an important safety feature for any winch recovery. This PVC blanket is tough and durable to stand up to the tough tasks of winching.

  • High vis reflective strips for night time recoveries.
  • Essential for recoveries with steel winch cables.

Winch dampeners should be applied to the winch cable whenever winching. The dampener aids to prevent the winch cable from behaving uncontrollably if the line breaks. The dampeners material and weight has been engineered to survive service in wet and dirty environments. A safety must for all four wheel drivers using cable winches.

  • PVC material weighted to effectively dampen a broken winch cable or rope
  • High visibility reflective strips on both sides of the dampener
  • Heavy duty high quality Velcro to secure the dampener into position
  • 3 Year Australian Warranty!

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