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Use a 4WD snatch block to double the pulling force of your winch. Also handy for winching around trees or in difficult situations. Ideal for use with both synthetic and cable winches.

  • Includes carry bag.
  • Use with steel cable or synthetic ropes.

Includes grease nipple. Beware of cheap copies, they won't handle the high loads of powerful winches.

  • Suitable for a load of 10,000kg or 22,045Lb
  • Heavy duty scissor design
  • Grease nipple for lubricating the spindle
  • Simple design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 5/16" to 1/2" cables/ropes 
  • Long lasting powder coat
  • Includes carry pouch

Note: Special care needs to be taken when using with synthetic ropes as there is potential to pinch rope between the pulley and plate if not monitored.

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