Seat Height Reduction

Seat Height Reduction

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Drivers and Passengers Seat Height Reduction

From factory the seating is too high for safe, comfortable driving. In fact, the first thing you notice when you first drive a Daily 4x4, is how half of your view is precluded by the overhead console.

EVA have developed an approved a seat height reduction modification, such that visibility is greatly improved.


The kerbside parking mirror is also in the way of side vision for the passenger - and 50mm makes all the difference here too.


EVA has been reducing the seat height of Iveco seats for nearly 2 years now. We sleeve, jig and TIG weld them in house using state of the art EWM & Miller Pulse TIG machines.

They are then blasted, primed in zinc rich undercoat and powder coated satin black, for a better than factory finish.


Standard reduction is 50mm, which is also the maximum on the drivers side, as a control unit sits below.

Should you wish to go lower than 50mm we can relocate this unit to the passenger side.


Drivers side reduction 50mm EVASRD50

Passenger side reduction 50mm  EVASRP50

Driver side 75mm reduction including module relocation. EVASRD75

Passenger side 75mm reduction EVASRP75


These need to be blue plated in Queensland, and we offer this service in house too, at a cost of $220.00.


As this is a time consuming process, we have them available off the shelf on an exchange basis.


When this is performed in house, we trim down the plastic sides for free.


Please note: 50mm height reduction to the drivers seat, requires the relocation of a relay, and the trimming of some sheetmetal under the seat.

This is straight forward and instructions are provided.


Please note, this is a serious modification that affects safety, and should not be replicated by those not trained to perform this task.