Oasis Air Compressor
Oasis Air Compressor
Oasis Air Compressor

Oasis Air Compressor

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EVA Oasis Units

EVA is appointed as Australian Oasis Dealer.

This is an exclusive arrangement, and no other company in the RV or expedition sector has access to these units!


After months of detail, EVA is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for the American made Oasis Air Compressors.

We are the second dealer to be appointed in Australia, and the only one approved and committed to the RV sector.

EVA's policy is to offer the best, and this is the clearly the finest compressor available globally.

The specs drown all competitors, and with 100% duty cycle @ 100psi / 8 CFM, 15CFM Free air delivery, this beast is without rival.

You can run a rattle guns direct (no tank), run nail guns all day and fill tyres at servo speed.

In all honesty, I hate refilling my tyres after airing down, as it takes what seems like an eternity with a usual 4x4 rated compressor.

Finally there is a servo speed alternative!

Oasis XD 3000-12 Extended duty air compressor.