LC200 Method 305 > NV > Matt Black Machined Face

EVA's favourite 200 Series wheel by far. A timeless design that is far classier than other offerings by competing brands. Made for the Australian market especially - by an exclusive partnership with Race Wheels Australia.

NV Matte Black is a one-piece wheel that features a simulated beadlock ring by way of a strategically placed under-cut on the outer lip of the wheel.

The wheel includes Zinc plated bolts around the Street-Local ring, a matte clear coat for protection and push-through hub covers. Around the center of a wheel, ‘Method’ is machined into the wheel face, a new look not yet seen on other Street Series wheels.

The NV is offered only in the 18" size. Our strong advice is to ensure you have a tyre that is capable of matching the load you require, choose it first before selecting the wheel. Not all brands have high load tyres and some only offer them 17" or 18". 

While this wheel suits High load applications, it is not suitable or approved for GVM upgrades due to excessive track width increase (above 50mm total).

Note standard wheel offset is either +60mm or (+56*), as such the +25 will cause the track width to be outside the maximum +50mm Track width total allowed under NCOP.

Calc is as follows;

RVCS = +60.    Search for your vehicle here:

This wheel =+25

60-25= 35mm. We then multiply by two as this increase is to both sides.

Track increase = 70mm (62mm*) over factory. Maximum allowed is 50mm under NCOP.

Purchase at own discretion.

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