KING RACE SHOCKS 3800KG GVM KIT Installed and SSM / Blue Plate @ EVA

Please note: King are expensive shocks.

  • Produced in the USA with skilled labour
  • Ship via DHL air freight to Australia
  • Have exchange rates against them
  • Get handled / re-valved / preload adjusted by King Australia
  • Finally shipped to us.

EVA prides itself on providing a complete engineered solution, that is safe, handles well, and is suitable for the application.

AS such we will only install this with the required components (UCA, Diff Drop, etc).

EVA are proudly KING RACE SHOCK Premium dealers and have a shock bench in-house to tune, rebuild and repair King Shocks.

We have the engineering facility to increase the GVM of the 200 series Landcruiser to 3800kg. This kit is supplied with the shocks, coils, and associated parts required.

Additional parts are also supplied and installed during the conversion,

  • Roadsafe diff drop
  • Roadsafe upper control arms
  • NB1 approved LED indicator lights 
  • Spiral wrap to hoses

Price into account the US Dollar as of June 1st 2021. Shocks supplied are 2.5" With remotes, and include compression adjuster knobs on all four shocks.

EVA can provide both pre-rego AND post rego options at the same price.

  • Queensland Blue Plate (on registered vehicles)
  • Federal SSM new unregistered only (new vehicles).

Wheel alignment is included by a bonafide facility, where trained professionals do the work. This is charged out accordingly. 


EVA is proudly a Federally registered Production Facility.

We don't bend the rules. 

We don't sell these kits for self-install.

We don't fit your eBay parts in place of our engineered solution.

EVA will not engineer the King GVM kit your mate installed, without checking shock valving is as federally tested, re-installing, and checking every fastener. This incurs the usual install fee and re-valve fee. 

Please Note; sale of this kit is under the understanding that EVA will not be chased / harassed for updates, as we will not have further detail until it arrives at our workshop.

We cannot get accurate information out of King, and shipping dates will not be reliable.

EVA will not be able to provide updates weekly, as we are fully booked until 2023, and do not have phone staff.

We will call and arrange for immediate fitment when they arrive physically in our facility.




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