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Performance Tuning

EVA proudly chooses Just Autos to perform all of our tuning requirements.

Just Autos Experience

With over 10 years of knowledge tuning common rail diesel vehicles mainly in the 4×4 industry and pioneers of achieving proven results over a large range of vehicles you can be sure that your vehicle is in more than capable hands. We are one of the only companies in Australia who have access to nearly ever tuning module on the market, but we can also guide you to what is best suited for you needs which is not always what you thought. Our staff are dedicated to listening to your needs for your vehicle and will always give you an honest and professional opinion.


How a remap is carried out

Just Autos have the master tuning hardware and software required to complete custom remaps of the factory ECU in your Toyota, ISUZU, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan turbo diesel vehicle. The Just Autos custom remap is performed via the ODB diagnostic port. This means that your ECU does not need to be removed or tampered with.

Research & Development

Having invested over $100,000 into hardware, software, research and development, Just Autos continue to provide proven results time and time again when it comes to custom ECU remaps, common rail diesel tuning and modification in Australia. At Just Autos we are continually purchasing vehicle to carry out upgrades/performance packages on so you know that these packages are tried and tested on our own vehicle before we allow these packages to be sold.

What conditions can we remap your vehicle for

Just Autos can remap your vehicle to your needs; towing, performance, economy – you name it and we will custom tune it on our in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer.

Emissions control

With a Just Autos custom remap, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) functions can be switched off in the ECU, this stops abrasive diesel exhaust gas being recirculated through your motor. We can also switch off several other DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) that may occur when custom modifications have been carried out.

Piggyback modules

If you have had a HKS installed and tuned by Just Autos, we will compliment it with custom remapping of the ECU to give you the best of both worlds, maximum power and torque from the piggyback and no nasty EGR.


PPlease Note price is for a standard tune. Options will add further costs.

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