Hydraulic Pump Relocation Bracket
Hydraulic Pump Relocation Bracket

Hydraulic Pump Relocation Bracket

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When fitting larger rubber to the Daily 4x4, the hydraulic pump needs to be raised, as it will hit the wider tyres.

There are several ways of doing this.

  1. Re drill the bracket 20mm higher. This method is OK and works.
  2. Unbolt the unit, drop it under the chassis and bolt it on the reverse side well forward. This is a complicated procedure and involves re drilling the backing plate, checking nothing hits, checking the many lines don't have excessive twist, fitting longer bolts and spacers to clear the brake lines. Fitting longer bolts is a pain in itself as one bolt requires dis-assembly of the pump to extract, or cutting off with a grinder. This option can leave the hydraulic lines under excessive strain, and in our opinion is not something those without substantial mechanical aptitude should attempt. Even then, we think it will cause long term problems.
  3. Use Eva's relocation bracket.

Not content with current methods, Eva designed a new solution from the ground up. Our Bracket relocates the pump up enough for plenty of Tyre clearance, forward to clear the handbrake mechanism and on the other side of the chassis. This works well with our triple battery holder. What's more our bracket uses the original pump fasteners removing another painful job. A quick bolt in process using the supplied fasteners, and you are done! The extra distance out from the chassis removes the line twist and strain. This really is a silver bullet solution! Whats more it that it works with wheels with less positive offset (up to the maximum legal increased track width +25mm).

This works with our Gladiator 13.5" wide rubber, we use for high GVM fitments as well.