Headlight Upgrades E4

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veco Daily 4x4 Headlight Upgrades (EVA does not recommend HID upgrades)


The dailys lights are too high for ADR approval - and as such have been rendered unusable by the factory.

The loom is devoid of the appropriate wire and pins on the female plug so there is no easy fix.


EVA's light looms use the standard halogen globes.


EVA manufacturers its own loom to make the factory installed globes work, and they are triggered by the high beam switch, and an isolator to keep them legal.

They will then essentially be spot lights - which are ADR approved.

We provide a custom made loom, built in house by EVA with plug and play pins.

Each kit includes relays to ensure the factory wiring is not overloaded, and to provide less volt drop to the globes resulting in higher light output.



EVA has decided to not sell HID's light upgrades as they are either too expensive for quality European units, or too unreliable (Chinese made ones).

We have removed a significant number of HID Kits from customers vehicles.

There are LED light bars or easy to replace HID spots that work well.