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Suitable for use with 4x4 winches, Boat trailer winches and other high load applications. The inline fuse will protect your cables and vehicle from short circuits which has potential to damage electrics and start fires.

  • Includes one fuse.

Kit includes 1 x 500A fuse and 1 x Holder. Additional spare fuses available via the options at the top of this page.

Consider what would happen if you were in an accident and the heavy power cable running from your battery to your winch was pinched between your bull-bar and your chassis? The battery would essentially short circuit and get extremely hot. The insulation would likely melt from the cable and a fire could start. For this reason, it is always recommended to install your winch with a isolation switch or a fuse in the main power circuit.

A fuse has some advantages over isolation switches in that you do not need to exit your vehicle and pop the bonnet to align power to your winch. The fuse also protects your vehicle in the unlikely scenario where the winch motor short circuits during operation. A fuse has some disadvantages over an isolation switch in that your winch is always powered meaning it's accessible for tampering when your vehicles unattended. Additionally, if a fuse does pop, it needs to be replaced as opposed to simply reset. In an ideal world, users will install a fuse and a isolation switch to protect your winch and vehicle from the worst case scenarios considered possible.

Specification Value
Rating 500 Amps
Connections M8 bolt and nuts
Nickle plated
Dimensions approx 130 x 40 x 40mm


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