Diff and Transfer Case Breathers MY2014

Diff / Transfer Case Breathers

EVA can supply or install diff and transfer case breathers to your Daily 4x4 or any other 4x4 vehicle.

We connect all fittings directly to the appropriate areas with no joiners used anywhere!


We route the 2 diffs and the transfer case up high in the engine bay - where the gearbox is from the factory.

This is an essential modification, and all EVA sold Iveco's can be optioned with this.

The factory breathers on the diffs are not up to the task and block within weeks causing the diff seals to weep.

The transfer case does not have an extended breather at all from the factory.

 We only use quality Italian fittings, hence the reason why the price is a LOT higher than eBay kits. Packaging for shipping takes the same time as install so the price is the same.

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