Burke and Wills Woolly Boots

Right folks, we LOVE these. 

Who doesn't like a pair of Uggs? Correct, nobody.

Problem: Camping is outside and dirty. Things can get moist.

Solution: The peoples at Burke and Wills are thinking types. The ones that know what you forgot as you are walking out the door kind.

Practical types.

They have combined the finest oilskin outer - with the fluffiest wool inner. Then graced such fine thinking with an outdoor sole.......How smart!

How Burke and Wills.

The Woolly Oilskin Boot has an outer protective layer of Dri-

Tec™ Oilskin making the boots water resistant and durable. Easy to

clean - simply give them a wipe with a damp cloth and they are good

to go again!

  • 100% Australian wool inner

  • Dritec (TM) oilskin outer

  • Warm and cozy in winter cool and comfortable in summer

  • Keep feet dry

  • Easy to clean

  • Longevity and durability no 'sagging'

Best of all we have EVA tested the #%^& out of them*, and they look as good as new. 

Simple choice really - what size?

Choose bigger then your usual size, no one likes tight uggs.

UK sizing.

Simpson tested these at the Big Red Bash.

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