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Brake Upgrades

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When you have more power, you need more brakes!

EVA can help out in a variety of ways.


'Full Monty Brake upgrade'

EVA only sells a balanced solution. This involves doing both the front an the rear to enable the brakes to still work correctly as a system. Unbalance will not be obvious on the blacktop, during normal driving, but will become apparent at the worst possible time, under emergency braking off-road.

For safety reasons, we will not offer front only kits. Period.

Our Full kit includes vented rotors, machined calipers, machined adapters, Rear wheel cylinder bored and fitted with larger pistons, modification to proportioning valve (MY2009 Only), replacement brake line (the one that has no bend and fails).

This can be performed in house at EVA, as we have core units on an exchange basis ready to go! 

Kit Cannot be purchased individually, and fitting at EVA is the only option. We can no longer sell kits, as people do not return the cores!!!

Work at EVA is performed by an experiance trade qualified mechanic, not children and the pricing reflects this.

Replacement rotors are are available for $600 a pair, Ex works. This is $200 better than the nearest rival!