70 Series Toyota Landcruiser Extreme Brake Upgrade Kit Builder

Get your Toyota Landcruiser 70 series stopping as it should!
It's the MUST-HAVE upgrade for this vehicle!

Fully ADR Compliant! Mod plate required for front calipers.

Compatible with vehicles where a double diaphragm booster upgrade is installed

Available for the following models:
FZJ –HZJ- HDJ 78 & 79 series 8/1999 – 2006 (Not this listing, Call EVA)

VDJ76,VDJ78,VDJ79 & LC 70 4/2006 – onwards (This listing)

Rugged Brakes have formulated the perfect Complete Brake upgrade Kit for the Toyota Landcruiser 70 series. Perfect for GVM upgrades, towing, off road performance and on road drivability!

This new kit features design elements and parts from our successful Extreme and Blackline ranges.
The Front kit incorporates Extreme Six-piston calipers, specifically designed for the 70 series, coupled with OEM Replacement Blackline Rotors and High Performance Formulated Pads.

The 70 series Extreme Caliper is an ALL-NEW, featuring; 6 piston design with internal dust boots, high-temperature seals and hard anodized pistons, lug mount installation, larger pad 30% larger sweep than standard, protected outer hardlines, aircraft grade billet alloy with black anodized coating and are complete Aussie Made!


Our Starter kit features:

Front Extreme Brake Upgrade which includes:

  • 6 Piston Extreme Front Calipers,
  • Super Heavy Duty Formulated Pads,
  • Blackline Rotors
  • Stainless steel braided brake hoses.
Please note: due to the design and extremely aggressive pad material you may experience some squealing from the pads this is subject to driving habits and use.

Please use 70 series measurement document as this kit may not fit all 16" wheels or larger.

Please use our fitting guide when installing this on your vehicle

Complete Super Heavy Duty upgrade kit:

  • Front Extreme Brake Upgrade
  • Rear Blackline Performance Pad and Rotor Upgrade
  • Rear Stainless Steel braided brake hoses (optional - if you have this already installed)
  • Blackline Modified proportioning valve (depending on model)
  • FREE Shipping within Australia* Metro Areas only

ALL KITS ARE MADE TO ORDER, ETA 21 days from date of order.


FAQ: Will this kit meet ADR requirements?

Answer: Yes! All our kits are ADR approved, however please check with your local State or Territory on Mod plating your vehicle, or speak to one of our Authorised Dealers.

Class Leading
6 Piston Stopping

2 piece Lightweight Aircraft Grade aluminium calipers built with every intention on bringing you safely to a Stop!
Everything to expect from a high performance brake caliper.
The stainless spring steel pad abutments keep pad noise to a minimum and good pedal feel.
Hard anodized Alloy Pistons for max heat dissapation and prevent scoring, custom sized to every make and model (not one size fits all)
Our roller or z- brace is engineered for quick and easy pad replacement, no removal of caliper is necessary
Secondary internal dust / dirt seals to prevent contamination of brake fluid and scoring of pistons

Rugged Brake Systems formulated brake pads

Working with leading Australian Brake pad manufacturers and Real-world testing, Rugged Brake Systems have formulated the perfect pad-to-rotor combination.
Our industry knowledge and listening to the 4x4 community revealed what was most important to them..... More Bite, More Feel, Less Fade, Easy install and Low noise. Our formula is able to tackle these requirements... meaning, we have the best formula on the market... FULL STOP!

Australian Made for
Australian Conditions


Australian made, certified quality, tested and proven in extreme environments. Only the best materials go into our products to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. All Extreme Kits are covered by our 12 month 20,000km Warranty*
* donates: we recommend installation by Rugged Brake System authorised dealers


Check your wheels for clearance

We recommend this check be done by Rugged Brake System authorised dealers or qualified mechanic.

The below images are done with a 16inch aftermarket wheel.

Step 1:
Measure a piece of rod or small piece of timber and cut to 375mm

Step 2:
Lay the piece you have cut accross the inside mounting face of the wheel as below.

Step 3:
Make sure the piece you cut does not touch any of the spokes beyond the mounting face or the barrel of the rim.
The piece you cut should be able to clear fully from the back of the wheel all the way to the mounting face without touching.

If you complete this step with out the piece touching any part of the wheel, you're good to go!

Modifying the front axle

We HIGHLY recommend this is done by a Rugged Brake System authorised dealer or qualified mechanic.
Make sure you wear personal protection equipment when installing this kit!
Once this kit is installed the vehicle MUST be Mod Plated, please check your State / Territories laws before installing this product!

Step 1:
Download our backing plate cutting guide at ruggedbrakes.com.au - info tab
Cut out the guide and hold it in place to the caliper mounting ears.
Mark with a pen the top and bottom of the backing plate to allow clearance for the caliper as picture below.
Carefully Cut the backing plate with a grinder, finish off the area with a file and paint to protect against corrosion.

Step 2:

Get the RED bolt that comes with your kit and install it into a brake caliper mounting hole on the vehicle.
Carefully linish the mounting ear down so that it is level with the washer and contours it perfectly (as pictured)

Once you have completed these steps it's a simple bolt-on!

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