That Body...

The body is where the copious design hours have melted away and left behind something truly special. Constructed as a single moulded part the lower section is both massively strong and surprisingly light.


Technology in the Fuselage

While it is true that as a manufacturer, it would save us a small fortune, and have added multiple chassis versatility by making a number of interchangeable moulds. These could have then been glassed with a chopper gun, one at a time flat on a table, at working height, and then finally bonded together after trimming. This would have been fine, I guess..... This is the industry norm.

But... we didn't take the easy (or financially smart) way out. Instead we added a rod for our back, and worked out a process whereby a CAD developed self aligning five piece mould is bolted together. Thus forming a perfectly aligned mandrel to produce a single finished part. A part free from bonding, misalignment, water leaks, and the additional weight of 2 flanges per join. Built for one truck, and one wheelbase only, has allowed us to add OEM like detail never seen before on a global scale.

We then have the ability to form a lot of the structure whilst the body is still inside the mould, and still aligned perfectly. This make an inherently strong part that is dimensionally perfect. The bed and some walls are then produced with imported American Thermolite board, this product is immensely strong and the lightest option on the market. The otherwise flexible walls are then foamed with contour foam and glassed over. This gives separation between the tensile and compression layers, vastly improving both strength and insulation. Furthermore, this sandwich construction alleviates stress concentration, and bulkhead print through. Providing a flawless external finish, even after a tough life in the field.

This technology is more common in half-million dollar boats, as previously built by our on-staff shipwright Brenten, who's career in top-class marine spans near twenty years. He brings to the table what no end of research or web browsing can. First hand professional composite experience. 


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