Our Travels

Our Travels

Based on the East Coast in Queensland, we have been lucky enough to have experienced some of Australia's greatest 4x4 adventures.

Here are a few snap shots from some of our past trips, I will add to this as I dig through old hard drives and uncover the memories!

Please note: I am not one for remembering the names of places or locations - so I have done my best below.


Cape York 2009

Our close knit group of 5 trucks were one of the first 'tourists' through that year, and many tracks had no tyre marks whatsoever.

We drove the OTL and the Frenchman's line amongst others, and spent every nigh in the swag under the stars.


Typically, Mark's right foot is always planted. Always the first to yell 'JUST GAS IT', this crossing was no different

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