EVA Racing

EVA is building its own Desert Racer.


After selling the Nissan Patrol and the demise of the Outback Challenge as an Australian event, efforts have moved to the faster and wilder scene of Off-Road Racing.

Justin is building a new vehicle for the Extreme 2wd class know as a 'Trophy Truck'.

This weapon has a 4130 chromoly tubular chassis using 4 coil over and 4 - 3 way bypass shock absorbers mounted to CAD designed front wishbones and rear trailing arms for 22" and 30" of wheel travel. Powering this beast is a worked 6L all alloy LS2 Chev mated to a highly modified Allison 1000 gearbox (first globally), and custom made Blitzkrieg Motorsport rear 9" Diff this will be some fun!


The lower Chassis Sections were built by Blitzkrieg Motorsports in California and Imported a couple of years ago.

This was put on hold to build our house and have our first child but, excitingly it has been resurrected lately.

The fully fabricated rear housing.

Looking at the mounting hole for the Currie nodular 9" with full spool (no differential so both wheels drive)

Sitting on the chassis table at Blitzkrieg Motorsports in Anaheim, California

30" of rear wheel travel!!!

22" of front wheel travel

 Close up of the front wishbones.

From Behind, the steering ram mounts to the front bulkhead.

40 spline wasted body axles machined from 300M

Axle detail

Assembly now starts! Hub

2.5" Snouts machined from billet 4130

Hub Showing the massive Timken Bearings

Drive Plate for 40 Spline axles

Rear hubs fitted to allow tyre fitment.

Fiberglass Arrive in August - September!!!


The fiberglass and chassis mirror that used to build the sister truck TT#2 of Tyler Denton. This will give a great indication of what is to come;