Expedition Vehicles Australia takes engineering seriously. With a strong background in motorsport and a thirst for knowledge, we continue to outdo ourselves at every turn.

An example of this is, is our low reproduction rate during CAM or other processing. It is that it is very rare that we send a new batch of parts for laser cutting, without refinement - no matter how small the detail.


Nothing is perfect, and the pursuit of perfection is a continuous process.

Products can always be made lighter, stronger or better.


EVA employs a qualified, experianced Mechanical engineer, and uses state of the art CAD / CAM process where possible, to ensure all of our products are of the highest industry standards.


All components are FEA assessed for static and dynamic loads, then refined further to ensure natural frequencies are outside the range of those encountered, when exposed to severe workouts over Australia’s seemingly endless corrugations. Our products perform – no matter how harsh the environment.

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