2019 Daily 4x4

Some further information on the IFS Iveco:

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Iveco AU will not help the industry that supports them, by providing us with any useful information about the new model.

With the information we know so far, EVA Strongly recommends purchasing the current model.

Please note;

  1. EVA expect this version to arrive in January 2020. In our experience, vehicles arrive significantly after dealers will tell you. The order book has not been opened yet. We have been advised stock will run out before the new model arrives, with a gap in supply between.
  2. We have been advised that the new truck is expected to be at least $120k
  3. The new truck will not fit 37" or other flotation (4x4) tyres without second stage engineering (Track width and diameter) and rear axle load reduction. We have been advised that there will be insufficient clearance for 37" tyres.
  4. The new truck is torsion bar IFS / and only single transfer reduction. If you wish to have a solid axle front, and dual transfer case positions, buy the current version. There are less than 100 units of the current version available, as production stopped last December.
  5. The new truck is substantially different, and as such it could take until mid-2020 for the early rollout of accessories to be completed.
  6. We feel the new model will fit 50% of customers better however, those that really want to get amongst it, will be better off with the current version.

IVECO launches new Daily 4x4 full line up offer of all-road and off-road go-anywhere vehicles up to 7 tonnes GVW

The new Daily 4x4, entirely manufactured by IVECO, offers for the first time a full line up of off- and all-road vehicles with cab, van, chassis cowl and crew cab versions.
IVECO introduces the first 7-tonne GVW 4x4 vehicle with payload up to 4,300 kg in the market with a choice of body lengths up to 5 m.
The new Daily 4x4 family features the 180 hp, 3.0 litre engine and offers absolute driving pleasure with the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic gearbox and top safety with all disk brakes with ABS and specific Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). 
The new Daily 4x4 makes its first public appearance, together with the Stralis X-WAY, in IVECO’s Adventure Park outdoor area  at the IAA 2018.
IVECO officially launches to the public the new Daily 4x4 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles (IAA), with a full line up of off- and on-road vehicles. The latest generation of IVECO’s ‘go-anywhere’ vehicle builds on this family’s heritage of unlimited versatility, extreme robustness and high driving comfort.  It extends the offering with the new all-wheel drive configurations, a choice of manual and the class-exclusive 8-speed Hi-Matic gearbox, new van versions, and the unique 7-tonne GVW 4x4 vehicle with payload up to 4,300 kg.
The new Daily 4x4 line up offers cab, chassis cowl and crew cab models in 3.5, 5.5 and 7.0 tonnes GVW versions, with a choice of single wheels off-road and twin wheels all-road configurations. Powered by IVECO’s Euro VI 180 hp 3-litre engine, they can accomplish every mission on all terrains with ease. Customers can choose the manual transmission with 12 forward and 2 reverse gears or opt for the absolute driving pleasure of the class-exclusive Hi-Matic automated transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears. The new range also offers advanced safety features such as the all disk brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) specifically conceived for these 4x4 vehicles.

IVECO is also extending the Daily 4x4 family with a new van line up offering 5.5 and 7.0 tonnes versions featuring the same engine and the same choice of transmissions. The spacious vans offer cargo volumes ranging from 9 to 18 m3 for the single wheel off-road and from 16 to 18 m3 for the twin wheel all-road.
At the top of the range, the line-up introduces an industry first: the new 7.0 tonne vehicle. With payload up to 4,300 kg, maximum load of 2,700 kg on the front axle and 5,000 on the rear axle, and body lengths up to 5 metres, this new line takes the versatility of the Daily 4x4 to a new level.
The new Daily 4x4 vehicles are entirely manufactured by IVECO, requiring no transformation by body builders. This entails multiple advantages for customers, such as warranty coverage of the entire vehicle and reduced lead time for delivery. The new Daily 4x4 is ready to take on every mission, on- and off-road, with an extensive line up, unique strength, and superior driving comfort.