EVA takes our skills learnt from producing world class touring IXXXX's, and moves over to Isuzu, that's who.....


The Pros;

  • EVA's current choice for an Expedition base, the Isuzu takes legendary Japanese truck reliability, and builds something we can all lovingly work with. When placed alongside other marques it plain to see why we prefer these. Quality everywhere.
  • These represent amazing value when viewed against the elusive (starting to think illusive) IFS IXXXo (vomit).
  • We can offer a build - including truck, wheels, tyres, bar, winch and an Duralloy tray at IXXXo cab chassis money. Call for a chat and we can walk you though everything.

The Cons;

  • Parabolic upgrade is a good idea!
  • AMT not recommended for heavy towing / sand driving as they can overheat.

 Built from mild to wild, from a cab chassis through to the meanest touring truck to grace the Australian outback, we have got you covered. 


Some history into why EVA has been late to the party with Isuzu.

When we started, the IXXXo was $69K drive away for the dual cab, and the Isuzu was a fraction more. This established the IXXXo as a no-brainer choice, and it became our staple vehicle. The IXXXo had parabolic leaves, dual transfers, diff locks and most importantly 36" tyres as a factory option. SSM approvals (for bigger wheels and parabolic springs on the Isuzu) are expensive to engineer, so for a long time IXXXo has the better value option. As time progressed IXXXo kept jacking up the price, to where dual cabs were nearly $110K Drive away (some $41k increase). Meanwhile Isuzu has had inflation increases only. So with SSMs now completed for 37"'s, as it stands today, it is now better value to build on an Isuzu.

EVA can offer a built 'stage one' truck for IXXXo money. You heard that right. A built truck including Bull bar, Winch, 37" tyres on 17x9" wheels, Duralloy tray, with parabolic springs for what a 'Cab-chassis' IXXXo retails for. 

So as times have changed we have had to change with them. EVA is excited to be building on Isuzu's and with the future of the IXXXo 4x4 product now it tatters, we only see one vehicle in the space.

Now, for those of you left wondering 'what about the diff locks' the Isuzu doesn't have diff locks! To be fair the IXXX's diff locks were speed limited, and from experience, we found them to disengage when we needed them (Enter the popular Marcus / Don upgrade). So for the Isuzu we can offer a Torsen LSD. While not a diff lock, it achieves a similar result, at all speeds, and is better for sand driving as well.

The Isuzu as an expedition base has been very well proven for many years, by the intelligent folks at All Terrain Warriors / Earthcruiser / SLRV......

Sometimes it can be better to arrive late to a party.........Let's get your build started.

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