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Sherpa Winches ' The Steed' 17,000LB 4x4 winch

'THE STEED' - 17,000LB 4X4 WINCH

The new model Sherpa 4x4 17,000Lb heavy duty winch is ideal for the tough pulls and is the most popular model supplied. Huge 6.6HP motor coupled with a 3 stage planetary gearbox makes this unit incredibly powerful. The winch is ideal for those running heavier 4x4's or towing boats and caravans. Available in 12V or 24V with a genuine Albright solenoid as well as 28m or 45m spools and rope or cable options. The 28m version is designed to bolt directly into common winch bars without any modifications so is a great option for customers considering a powerful and reliable winch.  

Winch Dimensions and Bolting Pattern


Please note:

Install on a Canter involves flipping the winch 180deg, so the motor is on the passenger side. To achieve this EVA must reverse the brake, and electrically modify the motor. Once this is complete the cable must be removed and re-installed so it still pulls from the bottom of the drum. The additional cost of doing this work is on top of the winch pricing. At this time the cost is $120AUD and is referred to as the 'Canter Mod' in the options list.

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