Wheels and tyres

We have all been there.....Campfire, Check. Beer, Check. Comfy seat...maybe. Two (6) stubbies in the tales start about that one mate. You know the guy - every wolf pack has one. He turned up to last years trip of a lifetime on bald rubber. It is funny to reminisce now, but at the time hooking up the snatch strap for the fifteenth time was getting lame.

Lucky EVA is here to ensure you are not that 'mate'!

As a  dealer of Gladiator, BFG and Hankook Tyres, we buy in large volumes to ensure industry best pricing. We fit and balance them in house on our own equipment.

EVA will beat any genuine written quotation for wheels and tyres we sell.

We currently have in excess of 400 wheels either in stock @ EVA or on the water!

Please note that fitting 37" tyres is in our eyes the most important part of what makes these vehicles capable off-road. EVA stands by our beliefs, and as such we outrightly refuse to sell 35" tyres (except for ambulance services as required by OHS height restrictions). 


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