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Gladiator Tyres

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These are now made in a totally new factory in Thailand and balance issues will be a thing of the past!


EVA is proud to be largest and therefore best value Australian supplier, of 37x13.5R17 131Q Gladiator Tyres, capable of 1950kg loading.

To date, EVA has sold more 37 gladiators than the rest of the industry in Australia combined!

These allow the full GVM to be maintained legally, on a 5500kg light truck registered, Iveco Daily 4x4.

These tyres are distributed Nationally, by EVA. These have been supplied to mines, bodybuilders, and a number of other Expedition Vehicle manufacturers. 

Please note, these can only be fitted to EVAs Steel wheels, or Earthcruisers Alloy wheels to retain 1950kg Load. Other wheels will need to be sighted to ensure they are stamped at 1950kg or above.

Plenty in stock for immediate supply.

Price is fitted and balanced with new valves, weights and tyre disposal. EVA proudly uses a high end Corghi tyre machine and balancer.

Please note that these are a VERY heavy duty tyre, and as such, have more rubber and 8kg weigh more than light duty 124Q tyres. This coupled with the fact they are shipped stacked on top of each other from the USA, does cause a vibration on the majority of these tyres. This can ease after they have heat cycled a few times and the plys wear in / flat spots from storage do eventually come out. This can take up to 5,000 klms. That said, these will not balance perfectly - period. Do not buy these expecting they will.

If you would like tyres that balance exceptionable well, buy Toyo @ $880 each.

Note that we cannot fit lead balance weights to these tyres. They have a poorly designed rim protector that causes the weights to fall off when the tyre is aired down. We have tried all freely available weights to no avail.

Please note that packing these loose on a pallet to ship, is the same labour as fitting/balancing. So the price will be the same either way. 

These tyres are impossible to keep in stock, and I am tired of being unable to buy them on a consistent basis from the supplier. Once they can sustain Australian supply, we will lower pricing once again. At this stage, we are often forced to pay full retail to maintain supply.

Note other tyre chains/vendors put predatory pricing against nil stock holdings, so please take this into account.