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All Terrain Tyre 131Q 1950kg

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You asked for it so we have done it. 37x13.5R17 131Q (1950kg/160kph) in an All-Terrain. You read that right an ALL TERRAIN. This is the highest load and speed rated 37AT in the world. We have been asked daily for an A/T since the beginning, and finally, we have worked with a well-known company to secure one. Say hello to quieter ride, longer wear, and that lovely 13.5" width for sandbagging to be proud of. Fraser Island here we come!


Because it is a flotation tyre (Not a truck tyre), it will be released in 13.5" wide to ensure inflation pressures are suitable for comfort and off-road performance. Narrower tyres will require increased pressure to sustain the same load. This increases the risk of puncture and causes ride harshness.

A 37x13.5" Tyre at 1950kg requires 65PSI

A 37x12.5" Tyre at 1950kg requires 70.2PSI

This is true at reduced pressures as well. For sand, driving the additional pressure will still be required in narrower tyres.