Dynamat Xtreme to 79 Series

Installing Dynamat is a massive task, and one we take seriously. 

EVA is a Dynamat recognised supplier and installer.


Taking over twelve hours of qualified labour to complete we;

  • Remove the mats, seats, carpet, console, cupholder, jack, trims etc
  • Skillfully and painstakingly remove the door cards without pulling the plastic clips out of the cardboard.
  • Treat the entire area to a deglaze with quality 3M Wax and grease remover
  • Template all areas so the biggest usable sections are used.
  • Apply the product taking care not to install lines to the sheetmetal skins.
  • We apply it to both the inside and outside of the door skins.
  • Service holes remain accessible.
  • All interior parts are reinstalled with pride.
  • We use members of our highly skilled team, not parts fitters or school children.

About the product;


Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound deadening material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration. Xtreme should be used on any and all interior sheet metal or fiberglass body panels. The aluminum constraining layer is very moldable and conforms easily to all interior surfaces. The patented extra sticky butyl layer is formulated with VECTOR™ chemistry for the most amazing energy conversion capabilities ever. Use it on your doors, floor, roof, hood and boot for a quiet, cool and incredibly solid ride.

• Eliminates Door Rattles & Improve Audio Quality
• Reduces the transmission of your angry V8 Burble through the floor.


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