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Tow Bar Iveco 4x4 2009 - current

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EVA stocks the strongest and best engineered tow-bars on the market. Finished in powder coat for better rust resistance. These offer the best possible departure angle and are rated to 350kg ball weight, and 3500kg Tow.

Beware of others which have failed in service on these trucks.

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Wiring for 2009 Varient. Note: 2014 is different.

Iveco Wire Numbers (Printed on the wire, behind 13 pin plug)

13 Pin Connector

Pin no. Cable no. Description Remarks

1          1120     Rear left indicator bulb

2          2283     Rear fog light power supply

3          0000     Ground -

4          1125     Rear right indicator bulb

5          3335     Front left/rear right sidelights;

                        left licence plate light; left clearance light

6          1175     Brake light power supply

7          3334     Front right/rear left sidelights;

                        right licence plate light; right clearance light

8          2268     Reversing light power supply

9          7777     After fuse F23 on the CVM Battery positive

10         8879     After fuse F16 on the CVM Ignition-operated positive

11         0000     Ground -

12         6676     Trailer connection signal (ground)

                        Signal to be supplied if the parking sensors are available

13         0000     Ground -


To Install;


Remove light brackets and remove under-run bar. Loosten 'P' clamp on passenger side light loom, as extra cable length will be required later.

Remove the bolts from the EVA tow-bar, remembering their order.

Lift tow-bar into position and secure using the two rear straps and long bolts into the lower light mount holes.

Ensure tow-bar is securely against chassis, and clamp into position with large 'G' Clamps or similar.

Bar should be even at both sides (left to right).

Top of bar to be flush with chassis at rear, (folded edge at very top).

Insert some 20-30mm steel strap into passenger side chassis rail to ensure drilling does not destroy the wiring running inside the rail.

Drill the mounting holes using an 12.5mm drill. Remove strap.

Secure with the bolts and weld nuts supplied - adding Loctite or similar to all fasteners.

Dual weld nut plates slid in from the front side of chassis, single from the rear.

Ensure weld nut wires are out of harms way - to prevent injury.


Install trailer plug and wire using the table above.

Check all nuts / bolts are tightened to torque specifications.

(M10 44Nm, M12 77Nm assuming clean, fresh 8.8 fasteners*)

Install tongue and tighten ball.

Adhere included capasity sticker to inside door frame.


Enjoy towing with your new truck!